Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Fall's Messenger"--The Birch Tree Challenge

Fall's Messenger
8 x 10"
Oil on 1/8" gessobord

  Hello Everyone, I am back from my long vacation in Beijing China!! We had a great time there! The most important thing is bringing my daughter to meet my parents the 1st. time. They spent lots of wonderful time together. I feel so accomplished to gave my daughter a Chinese adventure. She seems enjoyed the culture, the people and the food (of course!
). I will post more photos from the trip later on.
  Birch trees are popular in North of China, we have few birch trees in the city of Beijing, but most of them I saw are in the parks. By the leaves turns into golden and orange colors, we are notified the fall is here. I love the colors of the leaves in this scene that I chose to paint, a bit of remain green leaves mixed with the orange's, just like a little message from fall to tell us that the golden season is coming soon.
  Thank you to the 'Birch Tree Challenge' of DPW, after finished this painting, I feel back home completely!!

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