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"Sun Will Shine"-- For The Help Japan Challenge

Sun Will Shine
9 X 12"
Oil on Canvas Panel
Sold for donation

  I did this painting for DPW's "The Help Japan Challenge". It is not the subject about home, but sometime when I was at the beach, think about home town, I always think that home is on another side of the earth, where has my parents, friends and lots of memory, wish they are all fine and safe everyday.
  I experienced the largest earthquake when I was child in Beijing--the Great Tangshan Earthquake in 1976. We lived in the tent for weeks and had limited water and food everyday. The worst memory to me was seeing my little friends, neighbors lost their parents, sisters or brothers...I'd like to participate the Help Japan Challenge and donate proceeds from the sale of this painting to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

  I made a donation to Save the Children: Emergency Response  instead of Japanese Red Cross Society today on Easter. Thanks to my buyer Ms. Barbara Gildea also!