Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Summer is Here"

Summer is Here
6 x 6"
Oil on Wood board
  Summer is not the best time of year in Florida. Windows are covered by the blinds and curtains, AC is running most of the time everyday. "Snow birds" are gone, hurricane season starts...While I was looking for something to paint from outside the window, I discovered this mockingbird standing on top of the metal decoration, he was enjoying his image reflected on the window. Feel like he is telling me - summer is here!


  1. This is lovely Joanna. I am in Florida also, so I understand your sentiment! I liked your previous "challenge" painting also. Thanks for sharing. Debra

  2. This is especially lovely, from the turn of his head and his little feet wrapped around the metal decoration to your beautiful color palette; very well done!

  3. Love this painting, Joanna! The bird has such an inquisitive look. I like the light green background, also.