Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Melon Reflections"

Melon Reflections
6 x 6"
Oil on Wood board
This week DPW's challenge is to paint this photo upsidedown. Of couse, never done that before. It was very fun, just like use my another hand to write, or think everything in Chinese but communicate with others in English...:-P now please understand why I speak Chinglish!


  1. Lovely rendering, Joanna. I just came back from Shanghai and while there, I saw these watermelons with all the twigs and vine still attached to them. That's the first time I ever saw watermelons looking that way. I guess that means they are freshly plucked.

  2. Hi Millie, so happy to hear that you got chance to Shanghai! It is the season for watermelons. Yes, I ate lots of watermelon on the vine when I was in Beijing. They were good.