Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Summer's Shade At Monticello"

Summer's Shade At Monticello
6 x 12"
Oil on 1/4" thick gessoed MDF board

  This is a challenge entry to DPW's " The Notan Challenge" this week. I used one of my reference photos from the trip to Monticello few years ago. I love the view through this shade to the rest of  Thomas Jefferson's flower garden at Monticello. The Notan Challenge's concept is to start a basic drawing with black and white, and then stick with this simplification of the patterns and shapes to finish your painting into colors --that is what I understand from this concept. 
  Below is my sample photo and the basic drawing of black and white, I used color pencil to sketch out the lines, but not very confidence to use white color first for the bright spots to begin with, during the whole process, I really stick with the basic patterns because I don't want to mess up the white color with the greens. At the end, when I view the finish painting, I am so happy with the result and glad that I improved another skill from this "Notan" challenge. Thanks Robin Peterson for this post!

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