Friday, March 8, 2013

"Path In The Bamboo Grove"

Path In The Bamboo Grove
6 x 8"
Oil on 1/4" thick gessoed MDF board

  First of all, I want to thanks Jean-Luc Bourdon for hosting this week's DPW "The Bright Path Challenge", make me motivated to paint this peaceful path of bamboo grove. I captured this scene from the visiting of a local bamboo nursery land. We were walking through with the owner in this bamboo grove, it was really a peaceful moment to me when I see the shadow on the path, the sunlight shine through between bamboos, the breeze blowing on the bamboo leaves, were making a very relaxing sounds around us. We really wish to have those bamboos to plant in our back yard, give us a nature fences and beautiful shades. Looking toward the bright path gives me the soul therapy. 

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