Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Buddies"-Commission Work

6 x 8"
Oil on gessoed hardboard

  This painting is my commission work for a gentleman who wants to paint this picture as a gift for his brother's coming birthday. In the painting, his brother and his grandson were having special conversation, the expression on their faces were very impressive. I am so motivated to paint it after receive this photo reference which is taken by the gentleman himself. He is also a very talented photographer and landscape oil painter. I am so honored to do this special work for his family. We are both very satisfied with the final result, then after asked for his permission, I post this painting as a record of my portrait/figure painting achievement.

  This commission work is the first one ordered by a person that is not from family or friend. Working for a person that you don't know is a part of motivation, a little bit of pressure...but makes me concentrated on the work and to do my best satisfying the customer. I am grateful for this opportunity. Hope his brother will enjoy the painting on his birthday!

  Everyone welcome to leave a comment and advice to me about this painting! I really appreciate that too!

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