Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Pink Bikini"

Pink Bikini
6 x 12"
oil on 1/4" gessoed board
  What a great "model" at beach for me to paint! This beautiful lady has a very nice body, she was seating next to us, and with her baby twin boys--can't believe she got her shape back so well! ...I have to say that some people are just born that way.
  There are more hot bikini paintings to come!


  1. What a fantastic painting, such detail and I love the colours you've used on her body! Look forward to seeing more beach paintings! Sharon

  2. Joanna,
    this is really gorgeous. Wonderful job rendering the fit body, the moving posture, and the lights and shadows. wow!
    A curiosity: is it on a 6x6 canvas and you cropped the picture?

    1. Thank you Robie for your sweet correction-I made a mistake on size,it is on 6 x 12" hard board. I really appreciate that!