Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Little Man's Big Catch"-Gift for family

Little Man's Big Catch
16 x 20"
Oil on canvas
  This is my painting done by a photo reference that my husband took for his brother and my husband's fishing buddy. My brother-in-law got a chance having vacation with us last year, they three went out fishing that day, and he caught a big sailfish (I think that is what they called), my husband and his friend were all so happy for him because there are not many people can catch this size of fish everytime they go out the ocean. Also my brother-in-law's nickname is "little man", so I think this title is really fit him.
  It is my first time paint fish and have a lot of fun with it--I always admire and impress by artist Guy Harvey 's dynamic fish painitngs. I am very proud of my first try. My husband even said that the best looking one is the fish in this painting! :-)

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