Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Happy Together"

Happy Together
6 X 8"
Oil on Canvas Panel

Hi everyone, I am soooo glad to be back, finally!! I cann't wait to dust off my easel to practice the painting. Here is the first one for 2011. I love these dolphins swim together peacefully, it reminds me of those days just me and my husband. We had lots of freedom.... But no matter what, we are happier than ever because our baby girl Nina joined our lives together and brings us more joy everyday!
My baby girl kept me away from painting just about one year (include the time before she was born). Now she is 10 month old, I thought my life would be easier, but NO, everybody is telling me: It is just START! See, she cann't wait to help me. That is my very first laptop, now becomes one of her toys.


  1. The painting of the dolphins is beautiful, Joanna, but the real work of art is your precious daughter Nina. Congratulations on her arrival to your family. Nice to have you back in the blogging world!

  2. Oh my Joanna! I thought this was a much larger piece! Your technique is fantastic! You're little is so precious. Enjoy these earlier years because they go by so fast.

  3. hello i am an artist n i also love your art work hilarious :)